The FMO environment is unique in the financial services industry. AFA understands that and developed a program especially for this model.

At the core of our program is Advisor Net, a cloud based solution that allows advisers to provide a turnkey asset management platform to meet their client’s needs.  It’s comprehensive compliance driven systems allow advisers to grow their assets while remaining focused on their main income producing activities.

With a revenue sharing agreement in place, our FMO partners can grow along with us.  as they can recruit to a new platform that differentiates them from their competition. Regardless of an advisor’s participation level, FMO’s can share revenue on a commensurate basis. With several “private label” options currently available for partners, the advisor experience is fully customizable.

Additionally we can,

AFA is committed to continually learning the advisor’s practice and dynamically augmenting the program to meet the advisor’s wants and needs.

With AFA’s leading edge technology you can differentiate yourself and your advisors from cookie cutter advisory programs. And most importantly help grow a business that will have value to the advisor in years to come.